Sunrise. La Barra de Navidad, Mexico
3/16/11 Yesterday I spent importing older photos into Lightroom3 and rediscovering previously skipped over photos. I shot this one in Oct. of 2006 in the Serengeti. After making a few adjustments it's more to the way I remember shooting it!<br />
Yesterday while working in Lr3 and trying to organize my Photos I inadvertently deleted some "copies" which were the ones Lr3 had posted on my SmugMug which removed them from SmugMug!  hours later I figured it out and got them reposted but lost all the great comments on them.  o-well lesson learned! There is so much to learn. Thank you all for the warm welcome to SmugMug Dailies!
Railroad bridge over the mighty Cloumbia river
On the tracks

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