Sunrise. La Barra de Navidad, Mexico
3/2/11 Yesterday was another day of learning pp in Lightroom 3. There is so much to learn!<br />
This is a photo of my son looking at Mt Blanc at sunrise from outside a mountain hut at about 7000'. <br />
The original photo was pretty disappointing, but I was able to make basic adjustment in LR to match my memories of how beautiful it really was! Yah lightroom! but now I'm afraid I'll be spending a lot more time with pp!
11/6/13 Coyote not so Ugly!  We had a new visitor Sunday morning. Guess its not so surprising with all the wildlife here that we have a coyote that looks like he's been eating well. Few years back saw one and he was very skinny compared to this guy.  Hate to think about this guy killing some of the wildlife here, But as Mufasa said "Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance." It's the Circle of Life!
Mt Hood Shadow at Sunrise from the summit

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